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How to ship a motorcycle in NZ

These tips will make shipping your motorbike a stress-free, straightforward process.
How to ship a motorcycle in NZ

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New Zealand is a beautiful country featuring breathtaking landscapes and scenic routes perfect for exploring by motorbike. Whether you're planning on buying a new motorbike or need one shipped to you in a move, the process may seem daunting, especially if you've never done it before. However, with the right information and preparation, it can be a straightforward and stress-free process.

Get multiple quotes

Getting multiple quotes for shipping your motorbike is recommended to ensure you get the best deal and service for your money. Different shipping companies will offer different prices, services, and shipping options. By asking for multiple quotes, you can compare and contrast the details of each company, including the cost, transit time, insurance coverage, and handling procedures and choose the best provider for your needs. Asking for multiple quotes can also help you make an informed decision and avoid unexpected costs or complications during the shipping process. Additionally, the more information you have regarding cost, the more you can negotiate and lower your shipping cost.

Find a moving company that specialises in moving motorbikes 

Choosing the cheapest moving company, is never a good idea, especially if your chosen provider doesn't specialise in handling motorbikes. While you might save money, you could be putting your pride and joy at risk. Choosing a moving company with a good history of handling motorbikes will ensure they have the right equipment to keep your bike safe, and secure and avoid any damage during the move. 

Decide how you want to transport your bike 

When it comes to transporting your motorcycle, you have two main options: choosing an enclosed trailer or an open trailer.

An enclosed trailer is a covered transport trailer that protects your motorcycle from weather elements, road debris, and theft. It is the preferred option for high-value motorcycles or for transporting your bike over long distances, as it ensures the bike remains in pristine condition upon arrival. Enclosed trailers are more expensive while an open trailer is a more cost-effective and widely available option.

Open trailers provide little to no protection from external elements and are better for moving your motorbike short distances or for moving bikes that aren't as valuable. An open trailer is not a good option for motorcycles with custom parts, as these parts may be more exposed to damage.

Ultimately, the choice between an enclosed or open trailer depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the specific needs of your motorcycle.

Consider additional insurance

 Whether the moving company you chose has insurance or not, it is still good to purchase your own insurance especially if you are shipping an expensive motorcycle. The moving company’s insurance may not be enough, so it’s better to be sure you have enough coverage in case the worst happens. If you already have motorbike insurance ring your provider to ensure that your policy covers damage during transportation.

Prepare your motorcycle 

Before your movers collect your motorcycle, ensure it’s all prepared for the journey. 

  • Clean your motorcycle thoroughly, including the tires, wheels, and engine. This helps to prevent any dirt, dust, or debris from damaging your bike during transportation.
  • Remove any loose or non-permanent accessories, such as mirrors, luggage, and saddlebags, and pack them separately.
  • Drain the fuel tank to less than a quarter full to prevent any fuel leaks during transportation. If the fuel tank cannot be emptied, it should be filled to the brim and stabilized with a fuel stabilizer to prevent damage to the fuel system.
  • Disconnect the battery, and if possible, remove it from the bike and pack it separately.
  • Take photos of your motorcycle from all angles before it is loaded onto the trailer to document any pre-existing damage.
  • Secure any loose parts, such as brake and clutch levers, with zip ties or tape to prevent them from moving during transportation.
  • Check the tire pressure and ensure they are inflated to the recommended levels.

Moving your motorcycle is a lot easier when you hire professionals. For a hassle-free search of motorcycle transport providers, use Wise Move. Get access to New Zealand's most trusted motorcycle movers nationwide.

Expert motorcycle movers at low-cost

(All Covered. No Hassle.) Expert motorbike transport service. Trusted by thousands of motorbike owners across NZ.
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Motorcycle Honda Shadow
Palmerston North
Reviewed 33 minutes ago
Great job, great communication, great delivery. Thanks so much.
Johnsonville, Wellington
Reviewed 2 days ago
Transport timing was perfect. Great communication from Lance. Would recommend him and use him again. Cheers
Maitai, Nelson
Palmerston North Central, Palmerston North
Reviewed 4 days ago
Nothing bad to say. Fast, clear communication, easy to deal with.
Spotswood, New Plymouth
Reviewed 5 days ago
Easy to deal with-looked after my bike well and good communication. I highly recommend and a big thankyou. Dave from New Plymouth.
Motorcycle Suzuki T250 Racer
Papanui, Christchurch
Reviewed 1 week ago
Gavin really went the extra mile - thankyou
Hobsonville, Auckland
Stepneyville, Nelson
Reviewed 1 week ago
Highly recommend- thank you for transporting the bike
Reviewed 1 week ago
Richard was awesome to deal with, will certainly book with him again in future, thanks!
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Papamoa Beach, Papamoa
Te Aro, Wellington
Reviewed 1 week ago
Amazing service and communication throughout. Highly recommend.

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