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Comprehensive Guide on How to Transport a Sofa

Moving a sofa sounds straight forward but to help your sofa get from Point A to Point B in the same condition there are a few things we recommend.
Comprehensive Guide on How to Transport a Sofa

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Moving a sofa sounds straightforward forward but to help your sofa get from Point A to Point B in the same condition there are a few things we recommend.

From who can help you lift and shift, to what you need to make the lift and shift go smoothly (and safely) to how you need to transport your sofa.

Who You Will Need

It all depends on your sofa size and weight.  It’s pretty obvious if you have a heavier sofa you will need people who are relatively strong and can move it safely. 

A quick tip before you even start shifting your sofa is to give it a good clean-out.  You know all that muck, coins and other bits and bobs that get trapped behind your cushion covers? Get your vacuum hose and suck all that rubbish up. 

If you have a leather couch and sofa give it a good wipe and if you have a fabric sofa remove and clean covers or grab a good upholstery cleaner.

It might be a good idea to also move your sofa around well before the move and vacuum underneath so you leave the carpet lovely and clean.

What You Will Need

Gather these items together before the move:

  • A cover to protect your sofa and chairs when you transport them. This helps to protect your sofa from any transport damage. It’s important to note it’s not just what you wrap your furniture in; it’s important how you wrap it too.

  • Lifting gear - if you are able to get a lifting trolley so you can wheel your sofa out and then back in; it helps with minimising any lifting injuries that might occur

How To Move Your Sofa

We can’t stress enough when it comes to moving sofas, beds and other heavy furniture that you have to make sure you have secured the load.  There have been so many dreadful road accidents caused by insecure loads and it really is dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Make sure if you do decide to do it yourself you know how to secure a load correctly.  If you decide to use a professional moving company, you can rest assured they do know how to secure a load correctly.

An incident reported by the NZ Herald reports how a couch and cushions flew off the back of a trailer which could have caused a serious accident.  Luckily and really a miracle, in this case, it only created a major traffic jam on the Northern Motorway in Auckland.  Police warned readers that this could have potentially caused a very serious road accident and as for a fine? At least $600.00 but if you’re prosecuted through the courts it could cost you up to $2000.00.  Waka Kotahi also states under the legislation you could also lose your licence for a period of time if you’re guilty of not following load security legislation.

As we touched on before; ensure you protect your sofa from any damage.  The average cost of a sofa in NZ is anywhere from $1500.00 upwards so go that extra mile and protect your sofa from any damage on the trip.

Once again professional movers have all the gear to not only lift and shift properly and safely, but they have the covers and other gear to protect your household items.

With the click of a button and a bit of form filling that takes no more than 4 minutes; Wise Move will have sent your moving details to their database of professionally skilled movers.  If you’ve ever tried to ring for a quote this is the most easiest and stress-free way to collect quotes.  Great quotes - great service as well!

Furniture moving service

Budget-friendly furniture removals service trusted by thousands of customers across NZ. Door to Door delivery. Same Day service.
What are you moving?
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