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Domestic violence support for moving house in New Zealand

If you are a victim of domestic violence in New Zealand, one of the most important steps you can take is to get support for leaving your home.
Domestic violence support for moving house in New Zealand

If you are a victim of domestic violence in New Zealand, one of the most important steps you can take is to get support for leaving your home.

Moving out can be difficult and daunting, especially when done alone. It’s important for your safety and the safety and well-being of any children in the home to get the support you need.

Violence support organisations

Several organisations in New Zealand specialise in supporting domestic violence victims. These organisations include Women’s Refuge, Shine, and It’s Not OK .

Contacting these organisations can be the first step in getting the support you need to move out of your home. They can provide information about the different types of support available and connect you with local services that can help you with housing, legal advice, and emotional support.

Additional steps you can take to ensure your safety

Reach out to family and friends

If you feel comfortable doing so, reach out to family and friends who can provide you with emotional support during this difficult time. They may also be able to provide you with temporary accommodation or help you find a safe place to stay.

Talk to a lawyer

You may be entitled to legal protections and support if you are married or in a de facto relationship. A lawyer can provide you with information about your legal rights and options and help you navigate the legal system to get the support you need.

Contact the police

If you are in immediate danger, call the police. They can help you get to a safe place and provide information about your legal rights and options.

Apply for a protection order

A protection order is a legal document that can help protect you from further violence or harassment. If you are in a relationship with the person who is abusing you, you may be eligible for a protection order. You can apply for a protection order at your local court or through a lawyer.

Get financial assistance

Moving out of your home can be expensive, and you may need financial assistance to cover the costs of moving and finding a new place to live. The Ministry of Social Development offers a range of financial assistance programs for victims of domestic violence, including the Emergency Benefit and the Accommodation Supplement.

How to access emergency housing in New Zealand

The New Zealand Government offers emergency housing to people who are homeless or those who need temporary accommodation due to domestic violence. To qualify for emergency housing, you must be a citizen or a permanent resident of New Zealand and must have nowhere to stay for the next seven days.

Emergency housing could include staying in a motel, backpacker, or boarding house. However, the government will consider other options before providing emergency housing.

Apply for emergency housing

To apply for emergency housing, call 0800 559 009 or 0800 552 002 (if you are 65 years old and above). During the application process, the Ministry of Social Development will ask you questions about your situation, and you will be asked to provide information about your income and assets.

If you qualify for emergency housing, the Ministry may book you an appointment or help you search for emergency housing independently. You will be expected to pay for your accommodation costs after the first seven days by contributing 25% of your income.

If you still need emergency housing after seven days, you can book another appointment to see if you qualify. The Ministry of Social Development will also check whether other housing options are available to you, and you will be asked to confirm that you are meeting your responsibilities while in emergency housing.

In some situations, you may have to pay for the full cost of emergency housing, such as when you fail to vacate your accommodation by the agreed date or damage the property.

How Wise Move can help

Moving out of a potentially dangerous situation is hard enough without worrying about how to do it discreetly. Wise Move works with professional movers to make the moving process easier. We can do several things to ensure discretion and sensitivity during your move. These include:

  • Using unmarked moving vehicles for discretion

  • Anonymous quoting and pricing

  • Providing a formal quote as needed to help secure support from WINZ or support groups

  • Using a method of communication you prefer, whether that’s a phone call, text or email

  • Guaranteeing that all information is confidential and will never be shared

  • Working to your specific timeframe as much as possible

  • Not sending marketing materials to the home or talking to anyone other than the person needing support to ensure discretion and safety

  • Keeping customer information private and keeping your information off marketing lists

How to use Wise Move if you’re in a domestic violence situation

If you or someone you know is experiencing a domestic violence situation and need to move house, contact Wise Move at support@wisemove.co.nz

We will deal with your request in person and can facilitate your move for a very small fee. We can also facilitate requests made via charities or women’s shelters on your behalf. The organisation can reach us at support@wisemove.co.nz. We can work with your specific needs for a safe, stress-free, affordable move.

If you are a victim of domestic violence in New Zealand, it is important to know that you are not alone. Many organisations and support services are available to help you leave your home and start a new life free from violence. Remember, taking the first step to seek help can be the hardest but most important.

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Saint Heliers, Auckland
Waikanae Beach
Reviewed 4 hours ago
Fantastic service. Phil is a true professional who I would use every day of the week.
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Reviewed 9 hours ago
Tricky Angel is a 5star moving event. Nicks patience and calm demenour made all the difference to a tricky ending at the final storage point. Nick also came up with the solution. He restored my faith in removalists. A big thank you Nick from Frances.
Te Awanga
Days Bay, Lower Hutt
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great service, couch picked up in 2 hours and delivered with 24
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Shakeel is Professional Bloke! Calm, Patient and Polite. Highly recommend!
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Great communication, fast response to questions, really nice guys. Called as promised prior to arrival, arrived on time and completed within their estimated time frame. Would highly recommend and certainly use again.
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Phil provided a great service and communication throughout! Prompt pick up and delivery too! Thank you

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