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Work and Income: What is WINZ in New Zealand?

WINZ has several services that can help you out on moving day.
Work and Income: What is WINZ in New Zealand?

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WINZ has several services that can help you out on moving day. Here's what you need to know about moving as a beneficiary or someone that receives WINZ payments.

What is WINZ in New Zealand?

WINZ stands for Work and Income New Zealand. WINZ is a social service provided by the New Zealand government to help people access jobs and provide income support to help them get back on their feet again.

WINZ provide income support to:

  • Low-income New Zealanders through allowances

  • People unable to support themself through benefits

What kind of support could I get from WINZ?

If you’re on a low income or are a student, you could be eligible to receive an allowance that helps with the cost of living. If you don’t have a job or are unable to work due to illness or disability, you could be eligible for a benefit. There are lots of benefits and payments available that are designed to help with covering the cost of day-to-day living, including:

  • Health and disability support: get help with the cost of counselling, prescriptions, doctor’s visits, medical alarms and other costs.
  • Children: apply for assistance with the cost of childcare, school uniforms, stationery, birth and other child-related costs.
  • Not working: whether you’ve been made redundant or can’t work due to age, health or disability, you might be eligible for a WINZ benefit.
  • Living expenses: gain assistance with food, school-related costs, power, accommodation or other living expenses.
  • Caring: get help covering the cost of caring for someone with a health condition, disability or caring for someone else’s child.
  • Urgent or unexpected costs: from dental to glasses and car repairs, there are payments available for urgent costs.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

WINZ has strict criteria for applying for benefits and assistance. Some payments are designed to help low and middle-earners. However, you need to earn below the minimum threshold to apply. Your assets are also taken into account. If you own your own home or have plenty of savings, you may not be eligible for assistance from WINZ.

The best way to determine what you qualify is to visit workandincome.govt.nz

What is a WINZ Quote?

If you are receiving WINZ assistance in the form of a payment or benefit you may have to use WINZ quotes from time to time.

A WINZ quote is a way for people who receive assistance through WINZ to access the services they need. WINZ quotes are used for a wide range of services, including dental care, buying furniture, moving house and other essential everyday expenses.

Most services or companies require you to request a quote for the exact services or products you need. Some companies let you add the products you need to your cart. Once added, you can ask for a WINZ quote during checkout. Either way, you will be provided with an itemised list of products and a price you can take to WINZ for approval. Once approved by WINZ, you’ll either be credited the money to your WINZ card or can by providing bank details that WINZ has given you.

Can I use a WINZ Quote to move house?

A mover packing a moving box Yes! You can use a WINZ quote to move your belongings to your new home, move into public housing or pay for the delivery of essential goods. However, you’ll first need approval from WINZ regarding whether your move qualifies for income help and approval on the price. You’ll also need to go through an approved moving supplier.

WINZ only works with some providers on a range of services, meaning not every mover is registered to provide you with a WINZ quote.

How do I become an approved moving supplier?

If you own a moving business, you can apply to become a Work and Income supplier. This means you can accept payments from Work and Income. Payments include being able to accept Payment Cards or Youth Service Payments Cards.

You can register at workandincome.govt.nz.

What other types of WINZ moving payments can I get?

WINZ provides assistance in the form of loans for moving home. However, these costs will need to be repaid at some point. You can get Moving Assistance if you have a better chance of affording and managing long-term in a private house with this help or are moving to another public house that better suits your needs.

You may be eligible for up to $1,500 for costs related to:

  • Hiring a trailer, van or truck

  • Paying for petrol for moving

  • Paying a moving company if you are unable to move yourself

You'll need to meet a range of criteria before you are eligible for a moving allowance, including criteria related to your residency status, income and assets, and whether WINZ thinks this is the right loan for your circumstances. 

Need a WINZ-approved mover? Wise Move can give you access to a range of trusted movers, including those that can give you a WINZ quote.

Get WINZ quotes to move your home or items

Moving companies services trusted by thousands of customers across NZ.
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