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How to safely prepare your motorcycle for transport

Whether you’re moving house or need to transport your bike for repairs, preparing your motorbike for transport will mean your bike arrives safely at the other end.
By · March 17, 2024
How to safely prepare your motorcycle for transport

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Preparing a bike for transport can feel a bit nerve-wracking. Most riders are used to being on their bike rather than packing them away. Whether you’re moving house or need to transport your bike for repairs, there may be a time when you need to make sure your bike is moved safely. Preparing your bike for transport will mean it arrives safely and in pristine condition at the other end.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to prepare your bike for transport safely.

Use the right mode of transport

If you don’t have a van of your own, hiring a truck or van that’s fit for transporting a bike is the first step you need to take. You’ll want to secure your bike using straps that are attached to bolts or railings that won’t move as the van or truck is in motion.

Gather the right tools

There are some tools that simply make transporting your motorcycle that much easier. A front wheel check is a great tool for securing your motorcycle in the back of a truck or van. These help to secure the front wheel of the bike. However, these need to be bolted into the floor. This is a great option for those who own their own truck or van and want to make a simple but helpful modification.

Getting your bike from the ground into the vehicle can be tricky. A ramp, secured to the back of the truck will help you get the bike into the vehicle without straining your back. You’ll also need a second ramp or a step to help you get into the truck or van alongside your bike.

Ask for help

Motorcycles are heavy. Asking for help from a friend or family member can make the job of getting your bike safely into the vehicle a lot easier. It can also ensure that both you and the bike are protected during the process.

The last thing you want is for your bike to fall over while you are walking it up the ramp or, prevent injuries from having the bike fall on you if anything happens.

Prepare the area

Before you walk your motorbike into the truck or van, make sure your ropes or ties and prepared and in the right area. Once your bike is in the back of the vehicle, there’s a lot less room for you to move around. Attach your ropes to the floor or the railings of the vehicle ahead of time and make sure they are in grabbing reach of the position of your bike. This will make the whole process of moving that much easier.

Getting your bike into the truck or van

Now, you should be ready to walk your motorbike into your vehicle. Make sure your ramp is in place and secure to the vehicle and that your step or secondary ramp is in place. Slowly walk your bike up the ramp.

Let the bike idle up the ramp by slipping the clutch lightly as you walk the bike up. Don’t accelerate to get your bike up the ramp. The clutch is enough to control the forward momentum. You should also make sure you have the brake covered so that you can stop immediately if need be.

While idling the bike up the ramp may always seem like the best course of action, if you have help it’s better to push your bike manually. With two people you can steer the bike while someone helps push.

Tying your bike down

With your bike inside the truck or van, you can tie it down. If you have a helper, get them to hold the bike upright while you tie it securely in place. If you are on your own, put your bike on its stand. In general, it’s better to tie your bike down with someone holding it upright, as the side-stand prevents you from properly tying the bike down.

How to tie your bike securely

There are three main places you want to use to tie your bike down. This includes each handlebar and the front wheel. Tying down the front wheel prevents the bike from twisting and turning during transportation. Without securing the front wheel, the bike could twist and cause the handle ties to lose tension and fall over.

Attach the tie-down straps to a stable point on the motorcycle's frame or handlebars located in front of the front wheel's axle. This point is typically strong and designed to handle the stress of securing the bike.

Use the tie-down straps to gently compress the front suspension forks of the motorcycle. By doing so, the forks are put under tension, which helps keep the motorcycle stable during transportation. This stability is important for ensuring the bike doesn't shift or tip over while in transit.

Tips for trailer transport

If you are loading your motorcycle into a trailer, make sure to tie down the rear wheel. This will prevent it from moving or bouncing and loosening the ties on the bike.

Unloading your bike

It’s important to take your time during the unloading process. Use the front brake but be careful not to lock up the front wheel. If your ramp is wet be very careful while unloading — you may want help from a friend.

Make sure your ramp is secured, and you have a box or step to help you as you guide the bike down. Put the bike in gear and use the clutch as a brake rather than the front brake, as it’s more stable. Walk the bike down the ramp, slowly turning the handlebars slightly to keep you in line. Take your time. Unloading can be more difficult than loading.

Expert motorcycle movers at low-cost across NZ

Same Day service. Door-to-Door transport. Fully equipped. Any Bike Type. Fixed Prices.
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