How to Ship a Motorcycle in NZ

By · April 18 2021
How to Ship a Motorcycle in NZ

You probably would think that shipping a motorcycle is going to be so expensive. But if you plan and do your research ahead of time, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re moving home and would like to bring your precious motorcycle with you, you are buying a motorcycle online, or selling a motorcycle to a buyer in another city, here are some tips you can apply when shipping a motorcycle in NZ.

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When looking to hire a moving company, may it be for motorcycle transportation, car transportation, boat transportation, home move, or piano move, it’s always best to gather multiple quotes so you have a good range to choose from. Once you receive quotes from different moving companies, take time to do your research by checking the type of service the company offers, reading reviews from previous customers and asking questions to the mover to clarify things about their service.

Find a moving company who specialise in moving motorcycles 

Paying the cheapest moving company, even when a company doesn’t specialise in transporting motorcycles, is not a good idea. You may be able to get a cheaper price, but the hassle is not worth it, plus the possibility of your car being damaged.  It is always best to hire a moving company that is expert and specialized in moving motorcycles because you can ensure they have the knowledge on how to do so. 

Determine if you would like to transport your motorcycle 

There are two ways to transport your motorcycle, enclose trailers of open trailers. 

Enclose trailers is more expensive but is the cheapest way to do it because your motorcycle will be safe from any outside element while in transit. This is recommended for long-distance shipping or if the motorcycle you are shipping is expensive and fragile. 

On the other hand, shipping your motorcycle in an open trailer is cheaper than in an enclosed one. This is not as safe as shipping in an enclosed trailer, that’s why this is best recommended when shipping in a short distance, immediate shipping, or shipping a not so valuable or not easily damaged motorcycle.

Consider additional insurance

 Whether the moving company you chose has insurance or not, it is still good to purchase your own insurance most especially if you are shipping an expensive motorcycle. The moving company’s insurance may not be enough, so it’s better to be sure you have enough coverage in case the worst happens.

Prepare your motorcycle 

Before your motorcycle transporters arrive to collect your motorcycle, be sure that it’s all prepared for the journey. 

  • Clean your motorcycle of all the dirt.

  • Check fluids, battery and tire pressure (if the motorcycle is in operational condition).

  • Remove any accessories and loose items and pack them separately.

  • Leave at least ¼ tank of gas to it.

  • Check for any dents, scratches and any damage and make sure to take pictures for documentation.

Motorcycle transportation is a lot easier when you have professionals do it for you. For a hassle-free search of motorcycle transport providers, head over to Wise Move and submit your listing so you can get connected to NZ’s best motorcycle transporters. Quotes will start pouring through and you get to choose the company that best fits your motorcycle transportation needs.

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