Tips on Unpacking After Moving

By · May 6 2019
Tips on Unpacking After Moving

So many times, you may have gotten lots of advice on how to handle your logistics when moving out to a new home, but then, have you gotten any advice on the best way to unpack your belongings when you’ve moved into the new property? Trust me that could be real stress too coupled with the super-tight traffic on the busy roads of Auckland.

So, I want to share a few tips I learnt over the years on unpacking that could bring very little stress to you and won’t cause you to lose the excitement of moving to a new home. If you follow these steps, you should be settled within two weeks after you moved in.

Clean the Entire House

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First on the list is to clean out the entire house before moving any of your stuff in. Normally, the former occupant would have done some cleaning, essentially surface dirt. So, you need to do a thorough cleaning before anything.

It is advisable that you keep the cleaning essentials handy, in a separate box, where they’ll be easily accessible right from the moving truck, so you can begin cleaning once you get to the new home.

Sort the Boxes Strategically

Some people, when moving into a new home, will want to just put the boxes by the door; especially the moving company you contracted may want to hurry the process. So, you may feel like putting the boxes by the door to arrange them later. Don’t do it!!

Instead, painstakingly take each box into the room where the contents will be. You should mark the box so you know what contents inside each box. To do this, however, you will need to hire a moving company that is patient enough to help you through this process.

Hire an Efficient Moving Company

Many moving companies in Auckland are overbooked, so they’d always want to rush and get a job done with, so they can move on to the next job. They do this to meet up with demand and in an attempt to beat the traffic in Auckland. Because they are overbooked, they sometimes do not provide satisfaction to the customer and only a few help the customers.

You will need to hire a moving company that will need help with home moving, has tangible experience in both packing and unpacking, is quite affordable and has a tangible experience with home moving.

There are many moving companies with these qualities and you can find them on Wise Move. On the website, you will get quotes that are up to 75% lower than the standard price; companies with enough experience to help with home moving, have experience of best routes to follow in Auckland and can provide excellent help with unpacking.

More importantly, Wise Move helps you to save ample time in searching for companies that have these qualities, saving you the time and relieving you of the stress you could have passed through searching for a reliable company.

In addition, Wise Move has made it so easy for you to have many options to choose from before making a final decision.

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