Moving and Packing Tips

5 Easy Meals to Prepare When Moving
Occupied with either packing or unpacking your home, there is barely enough time to put together a decent meal to fuel up the family during your home moving process. But before you blow out your whole budget for takeout while you are transitioning to your new home, you may want to consider these easy to prepare nutritious meals to give you and your family the energy needed while moving to your new home.
Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic
We have witnessed how the coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s lives. People are staying inside their homes, social distancing from everyone, as part of the efforts to curb the rising case of Coronavirus.
Tips on How to Meet Your New Neighbours
Now that you have arrived at your new home, it’s time for you to unpack and settle in. And while meeting your new neighbours may not be your priority at this time, it is better to do it sooner than later.
Understanding the Cost to Transport a Car
Thinking of transporting your car? Sounds like a road trip. But in reality, there are things that can complicate it especially when moving long-distance, moving from one island to another, or moving multiple cars with only one driver.
How to Pack Your Kitchen For Moving
Packing your kitchen is not a job you can rush through. With all the number of fragile items that can be found in your kitchen, plus food items and various stuff in different shapes and sizes, we can all agree that is the hardest to pack when doing a home move.
Eco-Friendly Home Moving Tips
Moving to a new home can be very stressful. Talk about the big changes you have to make; location, home layout, maybe even job. And of course, the cost this entails and the time it would take to do all the moving.
How to Make Money in New Zealand Gig Economy
Perhaps you’ve found yourself out of work due to the COVID-19 crisis, or maybe you simply want to earn some side income. One great place to start is New Zealand’s gig economy!
How to Find Trusted Movers in Auckland?
Are you preparing for a move in Auckland, NZ? It’s a fact that moving can be one of the most stressful processes there are. For this reason, many people turn to the help of professional movers.
How Can I Make Sure My Pet Is Transported Safely?
At Wize Move we love helping you move your entire family, including your pets. While professional movers are trained to handle a moving day that includes pets, there are multiple ways you can help minimize your animal’s stress during the move.
How to Ship for Cheap Bicycle in NZ
There are ways to transport anything, regardless of what you’re trying to ship. This includes bicycles! While it may sound like a hard item to transport without completely dismantling it, that’s not the case.
How Many Movers Do I Need?
Moving is a stressful experience, but worth it in the end. Whether you’re moving because you finally bought a home or just because you need a change of scenery there are many things to plan.
How To Move Antique Furniture
Antique furniture is an art. It has a lot of history behind it and has seen countless events over the centuries. They contain fragments of every generation and has survived through the test of time and different climatic conditions.
How to Move Furniture Without Damaging Your Floors
Moving. It’s never a fun thing to do, and there are all kinds of things that you have to worry about when you leave a home or an apartment. If you are leaving your apartment, you will naturally want to make sure that you leave the place in just as good a condition as you found it so that you can get all of your security deposit back.
Why You Should Not Move By Yourself
We all change locations from time to time, and for different reasons. It's a recurring part of living. And whatever your reason for deciding to move or change location is, there are different ways to go about it.
Top Reasons Why People Use Self-Storage units
In modern today, the use of the storage unit is increasing every single day. Self-storage units offer a cheaper alternative to people who wish to keep their belongings and assets in a safe location that is well protected.
When Would You Need To Ship A Boat?
There are a lot of reasons that are linked with boat shipping. When it comes to boat transportation, there is no big or small vessel. Usually, boat owners transport their vessels once across New Zealand or globally.
Why You Shouldn't Move a Piano by Yourself
Whether you want to relocate to a new house or move a new piano to your home, it can be difficult to figure out about your piano transportation. This is because of their intricate parts and heavy weight.
What To Look For When Buying A Secondhand Piano
Buying a used piano is a great alternative to acquiring a new one because it is cheaper. However, there are uncertainties concerning the things to look for when buying it.
How to Organise a Storage Unit?
Buying or renting a storage unit that is quite easy. However, the majority of people find it hard to organise their storage units. They keep adding more stuff in the unit without actually organising it.
Why Hiring Professional Piano Movers Is The Right Thing To Do?
A key consideration when planning about relocation in New Zealand is how to move valuable belongings. A piano is one of those things that you would want to move safely. Although it isn’t the largest property you may have, it is among the heaviest belongings that you shouldn’t attempt to handle alone.
How Much Does A Piano Weigh?
Moving a piano securely from one location to another takes specialized equipment and skills. Several factors are considered when planning safe piano transportation. These include the manpower needed, the type being moved, and most importantly, the piano weight.
Home Move: Top Things to Do Before You Move
Even thinking about moving is mentally and physically exhausting. The endless drill of de-cluttering, sorting, packing and labelling boxes takes a toll on you. Then, there is the whole process of getting to the new place, unpacking, and then repeating the same drill in reverse.
Furniture Removals:  Top 12 Tips from the Moving Companies in New Zealand
Moving to a new home is quite the task, filled with both excitement and exhaustion. The idea of packing everything up and then unpacking it in a new place is tiring in itself.
How Much Would Moving a Piano Cost You?
A piano is a beautiful and majestic musical instrument and moving a piano can be quite an overwhelming and enormous task which cannot be underestimated or taken lightly. These awkwardly shaped instruments are usually of high value (thousands of dollars), very heavy and very delicate.
Tips for Student Moving
Moving can be a very stressful process when it comes to accommodating the entire household. However, the situation is not very different when a student move is being considered.
How Much Would Moving a Three-Bedroom House Cost You?
Moving a house can involve a number of different tasks and elements. One of these that concerns most homeowners significantly is the cost of the house move. The amount you, as a homeowner in New Zealand, can expect to incur while moving your three-bedroom house depends greatly on your personal needs and the choices you make-the method you opt for.
Tips for Better Office Move
The need to relocate an office/business may arise due to expansion, downsizing plans or just the owner's wishes to move to a better location. Regardless of the reason behind it, what's more important to understand is that the process of office relocations differs greatly from home and other moves as during this transition, there's a lot more that the office move relocation handlers/managers must consider.
How to Start a Man with a Van Business - All You Need to Know
Moving businesses are quite in demand today as a result of the increasing numbers of online purchases and home moves made by people. Although our 'moving' platform is the biggest in New Zealand and connects customers to moving companies or sole traders, in this article we will be guiding and helping you set up your own Man with a Van business from scratch.  Arrange a Van A van big and high enough to be able to accommodate all sorts of home furniture but small and short enough to be easily driven and controlled is essential for your business.
How To Keep Kids Busy On Moving Day
Moving home can constitute a lot of mental, physical – and even financial stress. It doesn't really get any better when you're moving with kids. Having kids loiter around you or movers on moving day can be quite frustrating.
How To Move Large Items With Ease
Unless you're a pro when it comes to moving large items, there's every likelihood that you'd either damage your items or inflict an injury on yourself if you don't take certain precautions.
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