Comprehensive guide how to transport a sofa

By · April 19 2019
Comprehensive guide how to transport a sofa

If you want to buy a fairly used couch or move your sofa from one location to another, you have to plan it ahead. You will need more hands to help you with the lifting of your furniture especially if it is large and heavy. However, you can choose to move the sofa yourself, hire a furniture mover or Man With a Van service to do the task for you.

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Before you move your sofa, follow these simple instructions:

  • Remove and clean your sofa covers: remove the exterior covers and vacuum the sofa.
  • Remove the cushions: removal of cushions is a smart idea as it could inhibit your movement.
  • Try to know the new position of your sofa before you move it from its present location. Put set up stops with padding on wooden floors if you will need interval rest.
  • Sofa protection: cover your sofa with a plastic protective cover or sheet. This will prevent damage before you put it in the vehicle.

When moving your couch

Apply caution when you are lifting your sofa. It is important for your arms and back to be in a straight position. The weight sizes of sofa are different, and they tend to be where the base is connected to the back, which makes them prone to tipping towards the backrest.

Use spare carpet at critical spots where you can rest to prevent damage to wood flooring. You can have someone to help you watch the movement of sofa. This will prevent cases of banging into walls and knocking over electrical lamps or bulbs.

Sofa delivery

There are three choices available to you if you want to move your sofa. These are doing it yourself - using a vehicle to move your items, or hiring a reputable furniture removal company to handle the entire process while you sit back and relax.

Doing It Yourself: It is the cheapest and most difficult technique of moving your furniture. You need the assistance of two or more persons to lift the furniture especially if the sofa is big. Another person will be required to look out for tight corners.

Sofa should have padded feet as it will prevent damage when it is placed on a surface. The padded feet also prevent sofa from sliding on the stairways.

Partial Service: You can hire a Man With A Van to help with the transportation of your items to your new location. This method enables you to pay less amount of money as you do the lifting while the driver takes your sofa to the new home.

Full Service: You can hire a professional furniture mover company to do the job for you. A full service entails the movement of your items to the new location without your input.

Several factors should be considered when you are searching for this type of service. First of all, ensure the furniture mover company has goods in transit insurance. You should also check if the company is associated with specialist removals organizations. Membership of such association shows an excellent level of service. On a final note, discuss the type of service you need from the furniture removal company to avoid excess charges.

Comparison of furniture mover quotes

Getting delivery quotes from different agents is stressful. However, it is also a boring experience scrolling through their websites, and here is the place to search for credible furniture removals who can help with the transportation of your sofa.

State your sofa collection and delivery location of the sofa. Other details such as the size and weight of the sofa should also be added. You will get quotes from moving companies on our platform within a couple of hours. You are assured of quality service and cost-effective rates.

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