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How To Move Large Items With Ease

By · May 28 2019
How To Move Large Items With Ease

Unless you're a pro when it comes to moving large items, there's every likelihood that you'd either damage your items or inflict an injury on yourself if you don't take certain precautions. And I can tell you're not a pro since you're reading this post. Smiles.

So, if you're moving large items out of or into an apartment, house, storage, or office in Auckland - or anywhere around New Zealand, below are some tips that can help you succeed in doing so and also have your body and stuff in one piece thereafter.

1. Let Your Muscles Work Only After Your Brain Has Worked

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When it comes to moving large items such as sofas or the refrigerator, brain work is more important than your gushing supply of energy. Trying to move a refrigerator through a much more narrower passage would certainly prove futile - no matter how strong you might be. If you're not careful, you might even end up damaging some parts of it.

It would make more sense if you measure the route to and from your moving van before you start to move large items.

You should also carry out mental calculations to ascertain whether one man with a van or two men with a van would be efficient in moving the items. Ensure to get help either from friends or professional movers if the latter is the case.

2. Minimize Weights

It's much easier to move light-weighted large objects than the heavy ones. Therefore, ensure you shed those large stuff of as much weight as you can before moving them.

Try removing the drawers from your cabinets and large office tables before moving them. You can also consult your refrigerator manual for how to detach some parts like the doors before moving them. You can also disassemble beds and cabinets prior to your relocation.

3. Don't Pull, Push!

I bet you don't want to move into your new home or office with a broken back. Therefore, push those large and heavy objects. Don't pull them. This is because pulling strains your back much more than pushing does.

If you're scared of damaging the item or your flooring, then place cartons or carpets underneath the items before pushing them. Sliders and other moving tools would be even more efficient in this case.

4. Moving Tools

If you're wondering if moving large items must always be done meticulously and with so much strength, well my answer is no. Some tools have been fabricated to make tasks such as moving as easy and efficient as possible. You only need to know which tool to use and how to use them properly. Examples are:

  • Moving dollies
  • Lifting straps
  • Sliders
  • Stair rollers

5. Get An Efficient Moving Company

For me, this is the best option. You only get to stand in one corner of your property and watch professionals tow your large items in or out of your space. And the best way to enjoy the services of professional movers in New Zealand is to get free quotes on Wise Move . With just one enquiry, you'll have a long list of competent moving companies and their quotes so you can make the best possible choice.

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All good, good communication and professional service
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Absolutely great service, pickup in Raumati Beach on the Friday & delivered to my home in Christchurch on the Sunday morning. Would recommend using the wisemovers site & NZ Home Movers LTD (JTL) & now that I know about it will do so again if I need to in the future. A small thing is I was told it would be delivered on the Sunday morning & would be let know so I would have appreciated a txt to confirm the time.

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