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How to Pack and Move Beds and Mattresses

Moving bulky items such as beds and mattresses, you need to ensure you’ll be doing it safely, not just for the item itself, but for the people doing the job.
How to Pack and Move Beds and Mattresses

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We all know that moving home can be a headache, so one must be very prepared. As your moving day is fast approaching, you’re getting all your stuff ready to be transported. You must have packed most of your belongings into your moving boxes. But what about the bulky items you own like your beds?

The easiest way must be to hire a moving company to do the job. However, we know that’s not the case for everyone so, if you are moving home without the help of home movers, here are some tips we can share with you on how to move beds and mattresses.

Weights & Sizes of your bed frames and mattresses

Here are the general weights and sizes for you to think about as you prepare to move so you know what size of transportation you need and who’s up for the job:

  • King size mattress - 1685 cm x 2030 cm and weights between 58kg to 82kg
  • Queen size mattress - 1525 cm x 2030 cm and weights between 54 to 72 kg
  • Single size mattress - 915 x 1900 and weights around 55kg

Remember that there are many different types of bed frames; ones with drawers and ones without, it’s hard to give an absolute weight but on average a bed frame can weigh anywhere around 17kg to 70 kg or more.

If you’ve got a sofa bed they are so much heavier than what they look!  Once again make sure whoever ever is doing the lifting and shifting is up for the job and you have the right transportation.

Moving supplies that you need

Moving bulky items such as beds and mattresses, you need to ensure you’ll be doing it safely, not just for the item itself, but for the people doing the job. To do so, you need to gather moving supplies that can make the move easier and safer. Here are some of the supplies that you will need:

  • Moving straps for heavy lifting
  • Moving dolly (you can rent this if you don’t own one)
  • Moving blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Mattress bag
  • Allen key or screwdriver for disassembling and assembling bedframes
  • A small bag or pouch to place screws/bolts and smaller parts of the bed
  • Packing tape

Moving a king-size mattress

King-size mattress: 1685 cm x 2030 cm and weights between 58kg to 82kg

The king-size box springs are composed of 2 box springs fitted side by side with the mattress placed right on top of it. Take away the pillows and the beddings from the king-size mattress and cover them separately. Remove all bedding and pillows from your mattress and wrap them separately. Pillows and linens make great fillers in boxes containing breakable objects.

Moving your king-size mattress would usually require the help of more than one person. To move, the first thing you need to do is place the mattress standing, typically on its side lengthwise. This would make carrying or pushing the mattress down the hallways a lot easier.

Although it is ideal for moving a memory foam mattress in this manner over a short distance, do not employ this technique if you are looking to move your mattress with the help of a moving van. This is because this your mattress in the van can cause the filling inside of the mattress to shift. The best option would be to lie your mattress flat inside of the van when moving or transporting it from one location to another.

Moving a queen-size mattress

Queen size mattress: 1525 cm x 2030 cm and weights between 54 to 72 kg

Typically the queen-size mattresses are usually more difficult to move than the king size. This is mainly due to the fact that the queen-size mattress has a box spring that is one piece. That said, moving the queen-size mattress can be done by two people without too much stress.

When transporting a queen-size mattress, the first step to take is to ensure you remove all linens and pillows from the bed. The second step would be to place the mattress inside a mattress bag. The next step is to carefully slide the mattress into the moving van. Ensure the mattress is placed on the side when you are sliding in. once inside the van, ensure the mattress especially if it is a memory foam mattress is laid flat so as to prevent the foam from shifting positions. For box springs and regular mattresses, this can be transported on its side.

In some situations, it could be tempting at times to tie your mattress on the top of your car, if you are moving across short distances. This is not generally a good idea as it could create a dangerous driving scenario for people around you. 

Moving a bed frame

Once you are done moving your box spring and mattress onto a moving van, the next task would be to take down your bed frame. It is important you keep a note of each step of how you are taking down your bed frame. You can accomplish this by either making a video or taking pictures. Place all the hardware removed from the bed frame inside a small bag and make sure it’s properly closed. Ensure you tape the bag onto the biggest bed frame piece.

The next step would be to wrap the bed frame parts inside bubble wrap, and moving blankets or bedsheets to protect the bed frame. This process doesn’t just protect the bed frame alone but also several other items inside the moving truck. Also ensure you lay down flat, the pieces of the bed frame inside the moving van.

Moving a captain's bed

A captain's bedFor those who do not know what a captain’s bed is, it is a bed that comes with drawers underneath the mattress. These drawers are mainly for storage purposes. Captain’s bed doesn’t need a box spring although it is a lot heavier than several other types of beds. To move a captain’s bed, the first thing you need to do is remove the drawers that come with the captain’s bed. You can decide to put several other items inside the drawers or simply place the empty drawers into the moving van.

If the captain bed comes with a headboard or bed shelves that can easily be taken down, it is highly recommended you take them down to minimize the weight of the bed and make it easier to move each item out separately. If this procedure is not followed, you might require more hands to help with movement.

Moving a four-poster bed

A four-poster bedWhen you are looking to move a four-poster bed, the first step would be to take down the posts from the footboard and the headboard and the footboard and transport each part of the bed separately. In situations whereby there are no instructions on how to assemble the bed, ensure you take note of the steps you used in transporting the bed either by making a video or simply taking pictures. Put all the hardware inside a plastic sandwich bag and tape the bag to the back of the headboard by making use of packing tape. To disassemble most beds you would have to make use of an Allen key or a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts and nuts on the bed. 

Now you have an idea of what you are about to face on the day of your moving day. Be prepared and always ensure the safety of your belongings, and above all, you and the people helping you with your home move. 

But if you don’t want to risk safety, you can always hire professionals to move your beds and mattresses for you. As early as now, find out how much the transport would cost by creating a listing on Wise Move. Receive quotes from reliable moving companies and decide what’s the best way to proceed with moving your beds and mattresses.

Furniture moving service

Budget-friendly moving service trusted by thousands of customers across New Zealand.
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