How to Pack and Move a Flat Screen TV

By · September 10 2021
How to Pack and Move a Flat Screen TV

When we think about what’s the most difficult item to move, we often think about the bulky or heavy items we own like a couch, bed, fridge, stove, washer and dryer. But another item we have at home that is difficult to move is a flat-screen TV. It may not be heavy or isn’t exactly bulky unlike the older box version, but it is very fragile and not to mention, expensive, so if you are in need of moving this item, you wouldn’t want to mess it up.

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Hiring professional movers can make a great difference in ensuring that your flat screen tv will be safely moved. They have the experience and knowledge, having moved this item a lot of times in their job.  But if you decide to move your flat screen tv on your own, then we have a few tips to guide you on how to pack and move your television without breaking it. 

Secure a box for your TV

The best way to pack your television is by using its original box. If you still have it, then you don’t have to look anywhere else. But if you haven’t saved the original box, your best option is to buy a special box for your TV. Remember to take your TV’s measurements for you to properly select the right size of the box when buying. 

Disconnect power cords and cables

Your TV should be free of all cords and cables so it can be easily and safely pack inside the box without damaging not just the TV itself but also the cords or cables. But before removing it, it’s a good idea to snap a picture of its back with the cords and cables still connected. This will come in handy when it’s time to reassemble it once you arrived at your new home. Then disconnect cords or cables and pack them separately.

Dust and clean your TV

You may not think it’s necessary to dust and clean your TV before packing it for your move, but it is actually something that you shouldn’t neglect doing. Doing so will help ensure that no scratches and other damage can happen while moving your TV. Use a lint-free cloth and a gentle cleaning agent to wipe and remove the dust and dirt.

Dismount the TV and remove the stand

It’s easier to fit your TV in the box without its stand or wall mount. Make sure to remove these pieces before you pack your TV. Unscrew the wall mount or TV stand and wrap this up. Keep the screws in a small pouch and tape it to the mount or stand so it stays in one place.

Wrap and protect your TV

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If you have a flat-screen TV cover, you should wrap your TV for added protection from scratches and dust before placing it inside the box. You can also use bubble wrap for this. After that, put the foam pieces that come from your flat-screen TV box (they mostly come with this). This is to protect the four corners of your TV and keep the TV in place inside the box. Next, wrap the TV with stretch wrap to tightly wrap the foam pieces. 

Box it up

Once your TV is a wrap and ready, carefully place it inside the box. It’s safer if you have an extra pair of hands so you can gently slide it through the box without the fear of dropping it. If there are empty spaces inside the box, fill it with foam or even towels and sheets, to ensure it’s not going to shift too much when being carried or while in transit.

Moving the TV

After making all the preparation to move your television, it’s now time to move it. During this process, you need to make sure that you have enough room to safely move the television towards your moving truck. So, you must remove any clutter on your pathway that may cause you to accidentally drop the TV while you are carrying it. Having an extra pair of hands will help ensure you won’t drop it. Using a moving dolly will significantly ease the moving, so try to secure one by renting or buying.

Remember to keep your flat-screen TV propped up during the entire process. Avoid laying it flat as it may result in damaging your TV. If you lay it down, the weight of the device may shift to the middle, which can cause the screen to crack. To help keep it upright while in transit, secure it between mattresses, dressers, or other flat but sturdy items.

Following these great tips can help you navigate the process of packing and moving your flat-screen TV safely. But if you are still in doubt and would rather want furniture movers to do the job, then you should start finding trusted movers to help you out. “Where do I start looking for movers near me?”, that’s the question you would probably ask yourself. The answer to that is Wise Move. Just create one quote request online and after submitting it, you’ll get connected to NZ’s top-rated moving companies, furniture movers, a man with a van service, and other sorts of moving services you might also need. 

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