How To Pack Electronics for Moving Without Breakage

By · April 27 2019
How To Pack Electronics for Moving Without Breakage

Are you planning on moving from your old apartment to a new one and you are confused and worried about moving your stuff in the ever busy traffic, there are certain things you must put into consideration when packing your delicate belongings particularly delicate electronics such TV, fridge, oven, dryer, dishwasher and the PC.

So, let’s discuss the factors involved when packing electronics for movement.


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  • Look for the right sized boxes for each Equipment

    The first step to take when packing is to look for the boxes that rightly fit each item. It will be more preferable to pick the boxes that will give a little space to fit in pads and foams to balance the weight of the electronic on all sides. The freezer will definitely need a box high enough with space in between to put foam. Same goes for other electronics.

  • Unplug each Electronic and keep them on their Own

    Electronics like the freezer should be unplugged and allowed to defrost. This also extends to the oven and dishwasher. The TV should be unplugged too and allowed to cool off. The dryer does not really need much attention, all you need to do is unplug and clean it. This cleaning should be done for all of them too to clear them of dirt and grease.

  • Get enough Foam and Extra Hands to help Arrange the Electronics in the Boxes

    Now that you have cleaned the electronics and kept them in a position to be moved, it’s time to move the electronics into the boxes and into the truck. You need help to put the fridge and oven, TV, Dishwasher and dryer into their Boxes. It is advisable to get people with experience in packing electronics and who owns a truck at the same time.

    You will have to search for someone who knows the route to your new home, has a good record of being extra careful with driving and is cheap. It can be difficult to get a man with a van with these qualities or a moving company who will offer this service.

  • Find Companies that are experienced in Packing and Moving Electronics

    You will need a company that is experienced in packing and moving, can cope with the busy traffic in New Zealand and offer you a price that is cheap. Wise Move is definitely the place where you can get different options with these qualities to choose from.

On this site, you have many choices to choose from that satisfies your desire. Moving companies listed here have dedicated drivers, offers prices that are 75% cheaper than the standard price and have able-bodied men who are experienced in packing electronics into boxes and into the van. Besides, you can read other reviews from other customers about each company before making your final conclusion.

Wise Move will definitely take majority of the stress involved in moving away from your neck.

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