How To Prepare Your Items For Storage

By · January 3 2021
How To Prepare Your Items For Storage

There are many reasons why people need to rent a storage facility. Some may need it for extra space to store their belongings when moving to a smaller space, others use it to keep their items after moving out and there is a wait before moving to their new home. Whatever it may be, making sure your items are all prepared for storage is a must. You can’t just toss your belongings inside your storage units and risk damaging them. Here are 7 useful tips to follow in preparing your items for storage.

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1. Be sure to research storage facility restrictions.

Storage facilities have certain restrictions for items to be stored, so make sure to do your research prior. Ask the storage company what are items they prohibit to store in their facility. Some of these items that are banned for storage are gasoline, paint, explosives, fireworks, fertilizers, propane gas, chemicals, plants, perishable food, medicine and narcotics. Remember, if it’s flammable, you can’t put it in the storage facility. Also, It’s important to not ever attempt to store any of these items.

2. Create an inventory of all the items you plan to store.

When you are moving, you have a lot of things to worry about that you tend to forget what items you have packed for storage. So before packing, it is best to create an inventory of all the items you plan to put in your storage unit, form large items down to the smallest. This is to keep things organized and help you see what items you kept in the storage and what you brought with you to your new home. It is also advisable to leave a copy of your inventory list inside the unit so you'll have it handy when pulling things from your storage unit.

Knowing what needs to be stored will also help you identify how big is the storage unit you will need for your items.

3. Use the right packing materials.

It is essential to use proper packing materials when preparing your items for storage. Use sturdy cardboard boxes, plastic boxes/containers, packing paper and moving blankets to store your items safely. Using cardboard boxes helps you stack and pack your storage unit easily. For long-term storage though, it is ideal to use plastic boxes or containers as it gives much better protection. The use of packing paper is very important when storing fragile kitchen items such as stemwares, fine china, and silverware. To protect larger items such as mirrors, TV, computer, fridge, the use of moving blankets is very helpful in keeping them all safe inside the storage facility.

4. Clean your storage unit as well as your belongings.

The storage facility may have cleaned your unit before renting it out to you, but just to make sure, do give it a wipe of an all-purpose cleaner. Your items must be cleaned as well before the storage to avoid musty, mildewy scent when you retrieve it and bring it to your new home. Use a cloth and all-purpose cleaner to wipe down surfaces of your items, vacuum your furniture thoroughly especially couches and chair cushions, and clean your appliances using a disinfectant

5. Disassemble large items.

Avoid storing large items such as dining tables, beds, and couches as-is. Disassembling them helps you save space in your storage unit, making way of other items that need to be stored. Not only that, you can protect those items from wear and tear too.

6. Label your boxes.

It’s hard to remember what is inside of each box you have and it will be a hassle to check each of them when looking for a specific item, so be sure to label each box. When doing so, be specific as to what type of items you have in the boxes (e.g label “pots and pans”, instead of “kitchen items”). So it will be easier, make sure to pack similar items in one box.

7. Protect your items from outside conditions.

Not all storage units are climate controlled, so if yours is not, you need to ensure your belongings are safe from elements such as dust, moisture and moulds. To begin with, all your items are all dry after cleaning. Apply protective spray to furniture and leather goods. Ensure boxes are properly sealed to keep moisture out. Electronics should be stored in a plastic bag. Adding a pack or two of silica gel can help ensure your electronics are moisture-free.

For your clothing, using of wardrobe boxes and hanging garment bag helps them stay protected from dust and other elements. You can utilize used towels and blankets to cover your large items to avoid dust build-up.

It is your goal to keep your items protected and in a pristine condition upon retrieving it from your storage, so it is essential to take precautions when preparing them for storage. Following these tips will help you achieve that goal.

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