Important Contacts to Inform When Moving Home

By · June 28 2021
Important Contacts to Inform When Moving Home

Planning and preparing for a home move is going to be very hectic. Your to-do list is so full that sometimes, it seems like you’re not going to run out of tasks you need to accomplish. In addition to the expected tasks when moving home like decluttering, packing, cleaning and looking for a moving company to hire, one of the tasks you will have to do is to inform companies and organizations about your upcoming move.

Here’s a rundown of important contacts you need to inform when you are about to move home.

Postal Service

When moving home, you need to make sure you redirect all your mails to your new address to avoid losing any mail. This can be easily done by going to the NZ Post website. You can do this at least a week before your moving day.

Service Providers

It is important that you inform all your service providers about your home move before the actual moving day. You need to arrange transfer of your utilities like water, electricity and gas, if you want to struggle without those services in your new home. You also need to call service providers for your telephone, cable, and internet as early as you can.

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Financial Institution

You don’t want sensitive information about your finances to fall into the wrong hands, so make sure that you contact your bank and credit card company about your impending relocation. Give them a call and see if you can have your address updated online.

Aside from your bank and credit card company, you also need to inform your insurance providers about your home move, especially your home insurance company. It is crucial to have it transferred to your new address.

Your employer

You’ll need to let your employer know when you move to a new address. Even if your paychecks are directly paid to your bank account, you still need to make sure your pay stubs, tax forms and other important papers at work will have your new address.


It is imperative that your healthcare institution and provider are informed about your move. If you’re moving within the same area, they need to know your new address for billing and mailing purposes. If you’re moving long-distance, it would be helpful to ask your current doctor and dentist for referrals in the new city you will be moving to.


If you have kids, then you should contact their school and advise them about the move. You will need to arrange school records to be transferred from your kids’ current school to the new school they will soon go to. Tackle this as early as you can so your kids can have a smooth transition. And as soon as you found a new school for your kids, arrange a school visit for your kids to meet the school principal and their soon-to-be teachers.

Moving Services

Even though you have already sorted out your moving service with trusted Auckland movers or Wellington movers, it is still important to keep in contact with them and confirm that everything is all good for your moving day. But if you’ve waited until the last minute to hire movers for your home move, then time is essential and you need to quickly find movers to help you out. Wise Move can help you gather quotes from moving companies in NZ by just submitting one delivery request on the platform. With its network of trusted Auckland movers, Wellington movers and other moving companies within NZ, you will surely find the moving service that is right for you.

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Friends and family

Of course, you don’t want your relatives and friends to miss out on this big and exciting news. You don’t want your friends and relatives to send birthday and holiday gifts to your previous address, do you?

It may take time to change your address and update everyone who needs to be updated, but taking care of it helps you avoid any issues that could arise because of not doing so before your moving day.

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