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How to Sell Furniture on TradeMe

Selling furniture on TradeMe is a great way to make extra money. TradeMe is visited 1.9 million times daily by 650,000 users. Many of those people are looking for items for their homes!
How to Sell Furniture on TradeMe

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Selling furniture on TradeMe is a great way to make extra money. TradeMe is visited 1.9 million times daily by 650,000 users. Many of those people are looking for items for their homes! 

Flipping furniture on TradeMe

There are a few ways you can sell furniture on TradeMe. If you are looking to make a profit consider flipping furniture. Most people don’t have the time or patience to buy an old piece of furniture, repair it, give it a coat of paint and sell it online. 

While this takes a lot of effort, it can be rewarding. You can charge more for a restored piece of furniture than you could for something shabby. Flipping furniture is a great way to create unique pieces. Many people are happy to pay more for furniture that is one of a kind.

Don’t buy furniture off TradeMe to flip and resell. This can be expensive. Instead, you’re better off scouring second-hand stores, garage sales, dump sites or flea markets for cheap furniture you can revive.

If you’re going to flip furniture it’s always a good idea to know what items are more likely to sell. Do some research online to see what types of furniture are popular. If there are too many similar items on TradeMe, you’re unlikely to make much money selling similar pieces. However, if your pieces are too out there, they may not be very popular. The sweet spot is finding furniture that is popular but not too common.

Selling second-hand furniture on TradeMe

Don’t have time to flip furniture? You can still sell furniture on TradeMe. Students, first-home buyers, budget-conscious shoppers, and people who love to thrift are always looking for affordable second-hand furniture. While vintage and retro items sell quickly on TradeMe, good-quality furniture is highly likely to sell.

You’re also more likely to get a higher price selling your furniture on TradeMe than to second-hand dealers. This is because stores need to be able to sell your furniture for a profit. By selling on TradeMe, you get to keep all the proceeds.

Now that you’ve decided what to sell on TradeMe, it’s time to set up your listing. The following steps will help you sell furniture on TradeMe and hopefully get the best possible price.

1. Make sure your furniture is in good condition

Whether you are flipping a piece of furniture or selling an old couch, ensure the piece of furniture you are selling is in the best possible condition.

Start off by wiping down your piece of furniture with a damp cloth. This will help remove any dust, hair or dander from the item. If your item is made of wood, give it a polish. You might consider giving any wooden items a light sand and polish. If your item of furniture has glass doors or a glass top, make sure it’s polished and free of any fingerprints or smudges.

Before you list the item, repair any areas that are broken. Nobody wants to buy a piece of furniture they must repair themselves. If you are flipping a piece of furniture, consider painting it in a trendy colour or replacing the handles with something more modern. If you’re unsure what colours are popular now, use social media sites like Houzz or Pinterest to search for similar items. Trendy items are more likely to sell for a higher price.

2. Take high-quality pictures

There are millions of items of furniture for sale on TradeMe. To help your items stand out, take high-quality photos that show your piece of furniture in the best possible light. If possible, stage the piece of furniture in your home with other accessories that will make your item look more expensive. While the focus should always be on the item for sale, adding small props can help potential buyers envisage it in their homes.

Take as many photos as you can from multiple angles. Poor lighting can make your items look dull or cheap. If you can’t take photos in a bright room, consider brightening them on your computer before you upload them to TradeMe. Upload the best photos to a new TradeMe listing. Make sure you show the item's front, back and sides, even if the back will be facing the wall. 

3. Show only what’s for sale

While small props can make your item look better, adding in items of furniture to your photos that aren’t for sale might confuse potential buyers. If you are selling a couch set and a coffee table, you can include all the items for sale in your photos. If you’re only selling a couch set, including a coffee table in your photos might be confusing.

It can also be a good idea to include photos of any furniture that will be dismantled before the buyer picks it up. This is especially important if you are going to take the item apart. Some people won’t want to buy furniture they need to put together. Other people may like that they don't need to hire additional transport to move the item. Be clear about what form the furniture will be in once it's sold.

4. Write a clear and honest description

The more information you give in your TradeMe description, the more likely your item will sell. Make sure you include all of the measurements of your item in your product description.

Most people need to know whether or not the furniture will fit into their home. While TradeMe lets potential buyers ask questions, failure to include measurements will turn some buyers away.

Make sure you list the item honestly. If the item is in good condition, don’t list it as brand new. Point out any scuff marks, broken parts, or damaged areas. After you sell the item, the buyer can leave a review on your profile. If you mislead the seller, they may leave a bad review. This could affect your ability to sell furniture in the future.

5. Set a fair price

TradeMe is an auction site, which has its pros and cons. Auctions can be unpredictable. Sometimes items sell at a much higher price than what you were expecting. Other times, an item will only get one bid. The good thing about TradeMe is that the site lets you set a reserve price. If you set a reserve price, your listing will only sell if buyers hit the reserve.

Not sure what to charge? If you bought the item recently, drop the original price lower than what you paid. Most people aren’t willing to pay full price for second-hand furniture. For example, if you bought a chair for $500 and it’s in great condition, drop it to $400. If you’ve had the chair for a few years and it’s in good condition but not new looking, try $300.

The only exception to this rule is for vintage, retro or antique furniture. Many people are happy to pay more for unique or quirky pieces. Just make sure it is in good condition. If you’re still unsure, search for similar items on TradeMe and set a similar price.

6. Keep an eye on your listing

Keep an eye on your listing so that you can answer any questions from potential buyers. The more helpful you are in answering questions, the faster your piece may sell. Before you list an item, you can set up your TradeMe account, so messages also get sent to your email address. This is a great way to ensure you never miss any enquiries.

Answering buyer questions can make the difference between selling an item and having no bids.

7. Accept the price of the sale

Once a buyer has placed a bid on TradeMe and the selling period ends, your item is officially sold. You can only get out of a sale if you and the buyer mutually agree to walk away from the sale.

Be careful about advertising the item on other selling platforms. On Facebook Marketplace, the seller is in full control of the sale. However, as TradeMe is a bidding platform, once the first bid is placed (provided your reserve is met), your item is essentially sold. Pulling out of a sale is bad for your reputation.

Make sure you reply to the buyers' messages. If they have problems contacting you, they may leave a negative review, even if they eventually get the purchased item. 

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8. Communicate with the seller quickly

As already mentioned, once your sell furniture on TradeMe, contact the buyer as soon as possible. TradeMe lets you set up an automated message that goes to a buyer once they win an auction. It’s always a good idea to set this message up before you sell anything on the platform.

Include your name and phone number in the message. From there, the buyer can contact you to arrange to pick up or drop off the item of furniture. Once you’ve sold the item and the buyer has possession, remember to leave them a review.

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TradeMe purchase pickup-delivery service

Heavy/large items delivery service at low-cost for TradeMe buyers and sellers across New Zealand. Door to Door delivery.
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