How Much Does A Piano Weigh?

By · January 24 2020
How Much Does A Piano Weigh?

Moving a piano securely from one location to another takes specialized equipment and skills. Several factors are considered when planning safe piano transportation. These include the manpower needed, the type being moved, and most importantly, the piano weight. Different pianos can weigh from about 8kgs to over 550kgs.

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Vertical (Upright) Piano

Vertical pianos come in different kinds, and their weights vary depending on the one you have. This variation is based on the size and the wood used to make the piano. There are four major types of vertical pianos:

  • Spinets: The weight of spinets range between 90kgs to 180kgs. These are the smallest vertical pianos measuring around 1meter tall with a length of about 1.5meter. Owing to their small size, these vertical pianos can be lifted comfortably by two strong individuals.
  • Console pianos: The weight of console pianos varies from 150kgs to 200kgs. This suggests that some of them are slightly heavier than spinets. About height, they vary between 1meter to 2meters. Two people can thus handle a console piano. In case there are stairs, an extra mover is needed to guarantee safe relocation.
  • Studio pianos: these sound instruments weigh between 180kgs and 230kgs. They come in different heights ranging from about 114cm to 120cm. Safe movement of a studio piano requires a minimum of three individuals.
  • Classic Upright pianos: These are the heaviest and largest among vertical pianos. While some classic pianos weigh about 225kgs, others can measure up to 450kgs. With regards to their height, classic uprights range from 145cm to 182cm.

Grand (Horizontal) Piano

The large size of grand or horizontal pianos makes them very cumbersome. Before grand piano transportation, it is usually disassembled owing to its difficult shapes. This means that the safe movement of a horizontal piano requires experts with specialized equipment. The smallest of this kind weighs about 180 kgs while the largest measures up to 550 kgs. Common examples of horizontal pianos are baby grand and concert grand pianos.

  • Baby Grand piano: these pianos weigh between 220kgs and 270 kgs. Their height ranges from 150cm to 170cm with a length of up to 173cm. Before moving a baby grand piano, its pedals and legs should be skilfully disassembled. Following this, three or four individuals are required to move the piano securely to the desired location.
  • Concert grand piano: while concert grand pianos are the finest and ultimate in the horizontal piano category, they are the largest and heaviest. With a weight of between 400kgs and 50kgs and a height of at least 240cm, these majestic sound instruments require six or more movers to relocate them safely. Besides, great care is required when disassembling and moving a concert grand piano.

Electric/digital piano

Electric pianos are the lightest and weigh anywhere between 8 and 25 kgs. However, some digital pianos weigh about 45 to 150 kgs and resemble spinet pianos.

Wrap up

Whether you want to relocate across the country, blocks opposite the road, or overseas, you need an expert piano mover to ensure your instrument is moved safely. Specialist piano movers are skilled in disassembling and reassembling pianos and have the necessary equipment to ensure secure piano transportation.

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