How Much Would Moving a Piano Cost You?

By · July 26 2019
How Much Would Moving a Piano Cost You?

A piano is a beautiful and majestic musical instrument and moving a piano can be quite an overwhelming and enormous task which cannot be underestimated or taken lightly. These awkwardly shaped instruments are usually of high value (thousands of dollars), very heavy and very delicate. The slightest of internal or external damage could destroy its purpose and flush your large investment down the drain. Hence, it is important to hire professional and expert piano movers to make sure that your piano in relocated safely and intact. Considering the costs related to your piano move is a concerning factor and we, from Wise Move New Zealand, will help you in making decent cost predictions relevant to YOU.

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This is a guide from our Wise Movers which will help you in educating yourself about costs for moving your piano in New Zealand. All of these costs are not absolute, but expertly derived averages stated in NZ Dollars which can vary from company to company. Get cheap and real competitive quotes from many genuinely interested piano movers in New Zealand for free!

Factors That Will Affect the Cost of Moving a Piano

There are certain factors that will affect your piano moving costs. These are explained briefly below.

Piano Move Distance

The moving distance is one of the most important factors that will reflect in your overall piano moving costs in New Zealand. Why do costs for moving locally (across town, etcetera) and moving long-distances (across country, etcetera) differ? The answer is quite simple: to account for the fuel charges and extra time taken.

Charges for local moves usually range between NZD $2.5/km and $3.5/km whereas for long-distance piano moves, you can expect to incur $3.5-$8.

Size & Type of Piano

Many different types of pianos have distinct figures when it comes to their size, shapes and weights. Each type will need suitable handling techniques and equipment which is why the type of your piano will heavily impact your piano moving costs. Here’s why the type of your instrument may add to your piano moving costs:

  • Heavy pianos will need more manpower and probably specialized equipment.
  • Grand pianos have an awkward structure and are, hence, difficult to handle and maneuver.
  • Partial disassembly may be required along with extra wrapping and cushioning when it comes to moving large pianos.

Obstacles Present at Either of the Locations

The presence of any obstacles which may add on to your piano movers’ working load and working time will bring in additional charges for you.

Stairs are the biggest, riskiest and the most common obstacles all movers have to deal with (and get paid extra for!) because strong manpower (2-3 people) and specialized equipment will be necessary here. Expect to incur NZD $60-$140/staircase or $6-$12/step if your piano moving process will involve any stairs.

Some more obstacles that can add on to your moving costs are:

  • Sharp turns & tight spaces
  • Narrow doorways
  • Spiral staircases
  • Hilly terrains
  • A grass, brick or gravel walkway between your home’s entrance and the movers’ truck

What Is the Average Cost of Moving a Piano In New Zealand?

After keeping all the above mentioned factors in mind, our WiseMovers have come up with the following averages and estimates.

Local Piano Move in New Zealand: Average cost of NZD $200-$500.

Long-distance Piano Move in New Zealand: Average cost of NZD $800-$2,000.

Note: To estimate your piano moving budget as accurately as possible, make sure you consider all factors related to you and allocate costs accurately to each of the factors relevant to your piano move.

Additional Costs

Just like any other cost calculation, the cost equation for piano moving isn’t that straightforward and certainly not the same for everyone. There are some additional factors that have the potential of affecting the final price quoted to you for your piano move. Some of these factors that were identified by our WiseMovers are mentioned below.

Hoisting Services

In case your piano does not fit down your stairs or through any of your doors, prepare to pay between $750-$1,000 to allow movers to move it out of the window by using a crane.

Additional Packing Requirements

Large, sensitive and very valuable pianos will require extra care during ‘packing’. They may need to be crated and dismantled and lead to additional costs. Grand pianos usually have to be dismantled during the move; the music rack, legs and pedals are removed.

Dismantling will cost you around $100 whereas heat treated crating (for grand pianos) can cost you $800-$1,200.


Free insurance is usually offered by professional piano movers up to $5,000. In case you wish to buy additional insurance, you will be charged $10-$15 on every $1,000 of value.

Additional Items

In case you wish to move any additional items with your piano, for example a piano bench, you will be charged on a weight-basis: $2/kg.


If, due to some reasons, you require your piano movers to keep your musical instrument in storage, you can expect to incur $60-$100 monthly storage costs.


The cost of getting your piano retuned can be considered to have more of a ‘post-move’ nature, but our wise piano movers highly recommend using this service. During the move, the internal parts of your piano may have been shaken which may affect its sound and performance. Getting it tuned a few weeks after the move is recommended (it will also account for the new environment’s climate and humidity).

Final Piano Moving Cost Equation

This is what our guide’s ultimate cost equation looks like after having considered all possible externalities and internalities:

Total cost of your piano move = base rate + cost/km +cost/stair + cost/obstacle + additional costs

To put it out more clearly, here’s a table featuring estimated costs for moving a grand and upright piano (NZ Dollars):

  Local Move Long-distance Move
Upright Piano $200-$500‬ $500-$800
Grand Piano $250-$650 $800-$2,000

To look for dedicated, professional and responsible piano movers in New Zealand, use our platform and move your valuable instrumental piece safely and wisely with us!

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