How to move a Fridge and Freezer

By · April 22 2019
How to move a Fridge and Freezer

If you are moving home, the chance that you would need to move your kitchen appliances one of which is most likely to be a fridge or freezer. It is very important that you exercise extreme care while transporting your fridge or freezer to avoid damaging it in the process. No one would like to spend extra cash on buying a new fridge or freezer most especially as a result of an avoidable mistake. The home move is cost intensive, why add more to it?

Having this at the back your minds, let’s walk you through some tips that would come in handy when moving your fridge or freezer. Remember extreme care is required;

Getting your Fridge/Freezer ready for transportation

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  • Disconnect the fridge or freezer from the plug: this step is simple and straight forward. All you need to do hear is unplug the fridge or freezer, roll up the power cord and make use of a tape to tie the cord so it remains in its place while transporting.
  • Clear the contents in your fridge or freezers: when preparing to move your fridge or freezer, the first point of call is to ensure your fridge or freezer is empty. This requires you emptying out your fridge or freezer, both contents found inside and outside on the body of the fridge. Materials found on the fridge like magnetic stickers have to be removed.
  • Take out the shelves: the next step involves you taking out any removable item that can be found both on the inside and on the outside of your fridge. These items include; shelves, trays, and every other loose or movable item. Ensure you wrap these items in bubble wraps or towels for protection. Also, ensure you label them properly before putting them in boxes. The chances that you have been told to make use of a tape to secure the shelves in your fridge. This isn’t a bad idea, but I recommend you go with the safer option of removing the shelves and wrapping them up
  • Allow your fridge or freezer to defrost: if your fridge or freezer has been on for a while, you have to allow it to defrost before you move. Defrosting typically takes about six to eight hours, so it is advisable that you allow enough time for this to be done. It is ideal that you leave your freezer all night to defrost.
  • Wipe the fridge or freezer clean: now that your fridge or freezer is empty and complete defrost. It is time to make use of a disinfectant to clean the interior, drawers and surfaces of your fridge.
  • Seal the doors and lock them: it is important you secure them so they do not get damage during transportation. You can make use of a strong rope or bungee cord to accomplish this. If you are trying to move a double-sided door fridge then you need to ensure that both door handles are tied together. It is important that you don’t make the knot too tight as this might cause them to pull out of position. You should also avoid making use of tapes to secure the doors as this might leave a stick residue on the face of the fridge.

Moving your fridge or freezer

Now that your fridge is ready - it is time to begin the process of moving your fridge or freezer. Let’s walk through a list of things that need to be done when moving your fridge or freezer.

  • Get an extra pair of hands: due to the size of your fridge and freezer, it is always a good idea to look for a professional fridge mover help or Man With A Van service. To find a fridge mover in Auckland and across New Zealand look here. This is more prominent if the fridge need to be moved with the help of a dolly and held in an upright position while moving.
  • Make use of a moving dolly: this makes it a lot easier to move your fridge. If you are hiring a fridge mover or a Man With a Van, it's almost certain that they will have it in their equipment.
  • Move your fridge or freezer onto the dolly and ensure it is secured in an upright position: most times the fridge can slide onto the dolly. Sometimes it might require that you lift the fridge gently. Also remember to make use of straps or bungees to fasten the fridge or freezer onto the dolly. Ensure you avoid tilting your fridge a lot when trying to place it on the dolly. This is because tilting the fridge a lot could cause the oil from the compressor to seep into the cooling tubes. This is the reason why you need to ensure your fridge is always kept in an upright position.
  • Exercise care while moving the fridge: once the fridge has been firmly secured onto the dolly, extreme care should be exercised, your helper should assist by securing the fridge on the glide and help you through any obstacle. If you are looking to move through a staircase ensure you take your time, communicate effectively and move on step at a time.
  • Place the fridge or freezer onto the van: whichever truck you decide ensure it comes fitted with a ramp to help you roll the fridge onto the truck. In the absence of the ramp, extreme care needs to be exercised, I would suggest you get more hands or fridge movers to assist in lifting the fridge or freezer onto the truck while ensuring the truck does not fall off while at it.
  • Important Transportation Tips

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    • Fridge or Freezer should be transported in an upright manner: it is never a good idea to lay your fridge or freezer down. When the fridge or freezer is laid on its back, oil flows into the cooling tubes and might return back into the fridge or freezer when the fridge is position backed in an upright position. This might lead to your fridge breaking down or stop cooling.
    • Wait an hour before reconnecting the fridge: even in situations where you transported your fridge or freezer in an upright position for the entire duration of the journey, some oil from the compressor might have leaked into the refrigeration system. To ensure there is no negative effect due to transportation ensure you wait for at least an hour after transportation before turning on your fridge or freezer. If you put on your fridge or freezer with oil in the system, it is possible that it could lead to a blockage which might eventually lead to a breakdown.

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