How To Move Antique Furniture

By · April 14 2020
How To Move Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is an art. It has a lot of history behind it and has seen countless events over the centuries. They contain fragments of every generation and has survived through the test of time and different climatic conditions. When moving, one must take extra caution in preserving these pieces of treasure that tell us where we came from.

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Moving can be a tedious task. It may require professional help, especially when you are dealing with fragile pieces. If you are planning on moving anytime soon, then it is better to get organized and work in a meticulous way. Below, are some of the tips that one must follow when moving antique furniture:

Prepare an Inventory for Your Antique Furniture

The first step that one must do is prepare an inventory of every antique piece that you have. Make it as detailed as possible and list down every possible defect there is and every safety measure that is to be taken. This way, you will be more efficient and will be able to pack your specific fragile pieces properly.

Keep It or Leave It

Once your inventory is made, you need to decide whether you want to keep your antique piece or discard them. If your antique furniture is not worth the extra time, expense, and energy, then you can choose to sell them at pawn shops, garage sale, or online websites.

Get your Antique Furniture Insured

It is important to observe that if your antique furniture is a priceless piece and is worth a lot of money, then you must get them insured and get a proper appraisal done in case they arrive damaged or stolen during the move. You might not have to worry about this if you are hiring professional movers to help you, but one can never be too careful.

Choosing the Right Furniture Mover Company for Your Antiques

Whenever you are choosing your furniture moving company, it is always advised that you put the needs of your furniture on top. Make sure that the company you are going with has the experience and technical skill to handle antiques with proper packing materials. Be mindful that they don’t rush the packing process and may destroy your piece as a result. There must be a guarantee that they handle your antique furniture with care and adopt safety protocols when moving. The packing supplies must be of high quality. There should be adequate transportation available, and well-trained personnel should be sent by the company.

It is always better to research your potential furniture mover company beforehand. We at Wise Move give our clients a chance to browse through the moving companies on one platform with less than standard rates and customer friendly interface.

Leave It to The Professionals but Keep a Watchful Eye

Once you select your moving company, it is best to let them take care of the rest. However, you should keep a close eye on the workers and make sure that they are handling your pieces well, using the right kind of packaging supplies, and that they understand the nature of your articles. This is where your inventory list will come in handy. You can keep track of all your antique pieces that have been packed or not carefully.

You Are The One In Charge

Amidst all the chaos, you must remember that you are the one in charge here. Hence, you should never be afraid of asking them difficult questions or advising them to use proper supplies. Make sure that they lift your furniture and don’t drag it.

Be mindful that adequate shock penetrations are also kept in place. While you may be making sure that they are working correctly, you should also know that they are professionals and they know their work better than you. Hence, too much nagging and criticism is not the right way to go about it.

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