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Everything You Need to Know About Car Wrapping

Vinyl car wrapping is a cost-effective way of changing the appearance of your vehicle. Whether you want to promote your business on your vehicle or make a good impression, car wrapping can give your tired old vehicle a new lease on life.
Everything You Need to Know About Car Wrapping

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Vinyl car wrapping is a cost-effective way of changing the appearance of your vehicle. Whether you want to promote your business on your vehicle or make a good impression, car wrapping can give your tired old vehicle a new lease on life.

What is car wrapping?

Car wrapping is an alternative way of changing the exterior of your vehicle without the need for an expensive paint job. Sometimes known as a car paint wrap, colour wrap or paint protection film (PPF), the result can be an entirely new colour or design outside your car.

Like paint, you can use car wrapping to achieve a range of looks - including a matt or shine finish, creative designs or simply a transparent protective layer.

During the process, your vehicle is covered either fully or partially in vinyl film.

What types of car wrap are available?

The most common types are:

  • Coloured wrap: an opaque vinyl wrap is applied to your vehicle in a new colour. Vinyl wraps come in almost any colour you can think of. This option gives your car an entirely new look. If your car has a faded paint job, or you just don’t like it, colour wraps are a great option.
  • Clear wrap: a transparent vinyl wrap is applied over the existing paint job providing an extra layer of protection to your vehicle.
  • Advertising wrap: a vinyl wrap with the logo or colours of your business is applied to the vehicle. Wrapping your work car or fleet of vehicles is a great way to raise brand awareness and let people on the road know about your business.
  • Partial wrap: you may choose to wrap only part of your car in a new colour or your business information. It is fairly common to wrap the back of a car in an advertising wrap and leave the front unwrapped.

How does the process work?

If you are considering a car wrap, you’ll want to first look for a studio that specialises in car wrapping. Knowing what kind of look or finish you want for your car is always a good idea. That way, the studio can give you a more accurate quote.

Once you’ve decided what you want, your chosen provider will want to take measurements of your car and then finalise the details of your wrap.

After booking your car for a car wrapping appointment, your provider will print and laminate the vinyl to fit your vehicle. They will apply the vinyl to your car over a few days.

Vinyl can be tricky to work with if you don’t know what you are doing. Make sure you choose a professional team to take on this job.

What are the benefits of car wrapping?

The main reason people opt for car wrapping is to change the exterior of their vehicle. However, the procedure is often cheaper than a full respray. Unlike a new paint job, car wraps are removable. This makes it an excellent option for business owners who want to rewrap their cars every two to three years. If you're looking at buying a car but can't find one in the colour you like, car wrapping is a good option. Learn more about buying a car online here.

Wrapping also protects your car from scratches that can damage your paint job. Cars are subject to much paint damage from driving on gravel roads or rogue shopping carts. These paint wraps provide added protection and ensure your paint job is always protected. 

Another reason many people opt for a car wrap over a new paint job is that re-spraying a vehicle can take several weeks. Most shops can get your car wrapped in less than five days. The result is less time, less cost and less inconvenience to the vehicle owner.

What are the downsides to car wrapping?

If you’re trying to save money on a paint job, it can be tempting to choose a car wrapping studio that’s super cheap. A bad wrap job can look thin and bubbled, making your car look cheap and worse than before.

When choosing the right provider, ask to see photos of other car wrapping jobs they have completed. Don’t DIY your paint wrap, and don’t just choose the shop with the cheapest service. You should also take your time to read their Google reviews or website testimonials to see what other patrons are saying.

Bird droppings can be a downside to a car wrap. Their droppings can erode the soft plastic vinyl of your new exterior. Look after your car by cleaning it regularly and parking indoors when you can.

If you are involved in a crash that causes severe dents to your car, your provider may need to remove the vinyl before they can fix the car.

Can car wrapping affect my car’s resale value?

Yes. This is why choosing the right person for the job is important. While a car wrap doesn’t cause damage to the underlying paint, some bad providers can cause damage to the paint by cutting the vinyl and knicking the car with their knife. If you choose an excellent shop to complete your car wrap, you shouldn’t have any problem reselling your vehicle, even after removing the vinyl.

How do I look after my car wrap?

Car wraps can be washed. However, hand washing is usually the best option. Taking your newly wrapped car through an automatic car wash can damage the vinyl. It’s best to talk to your provider about car care to ensure you are looking after your exterior in the best way possible.

Wasting or polishing your car after a wrap is usually not necessary. Many polishes are abrasive, and you should only use a vinyl-friendly wax. Using water, mild car cleaning products and soft sponges and washing your car by hand is the easiest way to look after and prolong your new car wrap job. 

How long does a wrap last?

If you look after your car's exterior, a wrap should last several years. Looking after your vehicle with regular cleaning will help extend the lifetime of the wrap. The good news is if your car does damage, the vinyl can be removed and replaced without needing to re-wrap the entire car.

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