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The best New Zealand podcasts for expats

Moving to a new country can be daunting, especially if you do it alone. To help you in your move, we’ve gathered the best podcasts for expats moving to New Zealand.
By · May 21, 2024
The best New Zealand podcasts for expats

Moving to a new country can be daunting, especially if you do it alone. It’s natural to wish you had someone with you to help you through the basics of setting up your new life. This is where podcasts can help.

Not only can these podcasts help you through the practical stuff like getting a visa, and getting around but they can help you understand local customs while you are here. We’ve gathered the best podcasts for expats moving to New Zealand.

Why listen to podcasts before you move?

There are lots of ways to gather information about moving to a new country. From reading blog posts to talking to friends who have done it before. Podcasts are another useful tool that you shouldn’t overlook. Not only can you listen while you are doing other tasks, but the average podcast is a lot longer than blogs or articles and tend to be told from a more personal viewpoint.

Information Gathering:

Moving to a new country is a big life change that involves a lot of logistics, legal hoops to jump through, and cultural adjustments. Podcasts can provide valuable information on topics like visa processes, housing options, cultural norms, and local customs, helping you gather information about the place you are moving to.

Practical Advice:

Podcasts often feature interviews with expats who share their experiences and offer practical tips for a successful move. These tips can help you navigate similar challenges and make informed decisions about your relocation. You may also pick up some great tips on where to live, what places to visit first and ways to save money on your move.

Emotional Support:

Moving on your own is hard. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to about moving to New Zealand you may find a lot of comfort in listening to people who made the move successfully.

Inspiration and Motivation:

Feeling unsure about whether moving to the other side of the world is a good idea? Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay motivated and give you more confidence in your decision. Hearing about the opportunities and adventures that await might just be the confidence boost you need to book your ticket to New Zealand.

Passing Time: Let’s face it, moving is exciting! But it often involves long hours of travel or waiting, whether on a plane, train, or during the packing process. Podcasts are a convenient way to pass the time while also learning about New Zealand.

The best New Zealand podcasts for expats

NZ Ahead Podcast

Liz Deacle & Brian Deacle

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts

Across 67 episodes, husband-wife duo Liz and Brian, take you through their move to New Zealand thirteen years ago with small kids in tow. The show hosts the occasional Kiwi guest and shares everything you need to know about moving to New Zealand and what life is like once you get there.

They also have a handy free 5-day video guide available to listeners on their website, sharing aspects of moving that isn’t covered elsewhere.

Episodes cover:

  • What it’s like to buy a house in New Zealand

  • Using a student visa to move to New Zealand

  • Moving from Germany and the US to New Zealand (with guests)

  • Whether you need private health insurance in New Zealand

  • How to cope with homesickness

  • What a New Zealand summer is really like

  • Moving to New Zealand with kids

  • Misconceptions about moving to New Zealand

  • Living with a disability in New Zealand

Asian in Aotearoa PodcastJenna Wee

Where to listen: Via the Asian in Aotearoa website

Moving to another culture comes with some adjustments. For young ex-pats, it can be comforting to know a little bit more about what life is really like as an Asian person navigating a Western country. Whether you’re a creative or not, the Asian in Aotearoa podcast covers great ground on life in New Zealand from an Aisan perspective.

Hosted by Jenna Wee, a Malaysian-Chinese, Melanau, Japanese and Pākehā Aucklander, the podcast covers everything from community and friendship to creativity and self love with a chosen creative guest.

Episodes cover:

  • The concept of home and transnational ties

  • Identity, parents and relationships

  • Sex, racism, body, beauty and healing

  • How our unique experiences shape our creative work

KiwiAmericans Podcast

Tara Hulbert

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts

Tara Hulber’s podcast KiwiAmericans is ideal for families moving to New Zealand. Tara herself has a family of six and lots of practical advice on moving from the USA to Aotearoa. With 49 episodes to get through, you’ll find everything you need to make your move a success. Enjoy personal stories from Tara and advice on everything from the visa process to how much it costs to live here.

Episodes cover:

  • The 3 things you experience moving to New Zealand

  • How to pay taxes moving from America to New Zealand

  • How to get a job in New Zealand

  • Moving to Australia? Why you should consider New Zealand instead

  • Finding work-life balance in New Zealand

  • Understanding New Zealand slang

  • Is immigrating to New Zealand getting harder?

It’s a Drama

Liz Deacle & Brian Deacle

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts

Liz and Brian are back with an entirely different podcast, but with similar themes. If you’re after a podcast that’s less about directly answering your travel questions and more about life down under, Its a Drama may be for you. Liz and Brian talk about their life in New Zealand, raising kids here and generally share their life with their listeners. While not directly aimed at expats, this is a great podcast to listen to if you are an expat from the UK. They touch on raising a family in a new environment and living apart from friends and family when you are older.

Episodes cover:

  • Solo travel in New Zealand

  • Finding a job in New Zealand (for teenagers and adults)

  • Dealing with family issues when you live overseas

New Zealand ranked as the worst place by expats

Michael Laws

Where to listen: Youtube

While not a podcast series, this YouTube clip from a New Zealand talkback host delves into the negatives of moving to New Zealand. It’s a short listen, but one that acknowledges that a move to Aotearoa isn’t always sunshine and rainbows (although we have plenty of those.)

In a 2022 global survey, New Zealand was ranked as one of the worst places to move by expats, dropping from 6th place just a few years earlier. Michael Laws and Hawaiian expat Chad Kukahiko debate whether this is true. Chad argues life is better in New Zealand than in the United States.

Episodes cover:

  • Why has New Zealand slipped from the 6th best place in the world to move by expats to number 52?

  • What do expats find most difficult about moving to New Zealand?

  • Differences in the culture between New Zealand and America

  • Cultural differences including Maori and Pasifika communities, holidays and humility

Podcast – Indian communities in New Zealand

Speak up - Kōrerotia

Where to listen: SoundCloud

A lot of podcasts about moving to New Zealand are focused on expats moving from Western countries such as England and the United States. New Zealand is a diverse country with many expats moving here from Asia. Statistics NZ figures show Indians are one of the three top contributing countries to migration in New Zealand. So, what’s life like here compared to India?

The Kōrerotia podcast has several episodes on what life is like for Indians in Aotearoa. Over three episodes they cover the history of Indian migration, changes to immigration policy and its effects and what drives Indian families to move here. You’ll also learn about the differences between being perceived as Indian in New Zealand versus cultural differences in India, and what factors can make the move a successful one.

Episodes cover:

  • The history of Indian migration to New Zealand

  • Changes to immigration policy

  • Being ‘Indian’ in New Zealand versus being ‘Punjabi in India

  • What makes a successful settlement for Indian expats in New Zealand

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